Q&A Café Project Management Series: Creating and Maintaining the Project Plan Part 1

July 5, 2021

In this session we will do a deep dive on how to setup and maintain the "Project Plan" aspect of a project. We will start by first reviewing how to create a new project. Then we will dive into editing the project structure and timeline. You'll learn about navigating the "Project Plan" tab, phases, milestones, tasks, task basic data, task statuses, task work, task scheduling, task dependencies, task checklists, and attachments. Note, we will not cover task materials, task expenses, task revenues since those will be covered in future sessions that deal with project purchasing and project budget/actual. Note: In regards to the question about project duration, we have consulted with SAP. SAP says there is no limit, and that you can save project tasks without issue having end date of Dec 31, 9999 Prerequisite: This sessions builds upon our previous session on the master data involved in SAP Business ByDesign's "Order-to-Cash (Project-Based Services)" business scenario. If you have not taken in that session then you would benefit from reviewing that recording (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3yclVCmjck) before taking in this session on creating and maintaining a project.

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