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Risks & Rewards of Adopting Emerging Technologies | Recorded Webinar

March 19, 2021

The importance of adopting emerging technologies is increasing globally. With the rapid technological advances that happen every year, companies must commit to having a digital strategy in place to stay competitive. While adopting emerging technologies can come with risks, the payoff in improvements in the employee and customer experience is often unmatched. When it comes to understanding the Risks of Emerging Technologies, Marin Ivezic has been immersed in different global markets based on his background as both a Best-Selling Author and Partner of Cybersecurity & Privacy at PwC. Marin has spent the last 30 years living and working in Silicon Valley, Europe, China and the rest of Asia, giving him a unique perspective on how emerging technologies shape different societies and what challenges they might bring. Marin and VistaVu’s VP of R&D and Technology, Jeremy Crossman, sat down to discuss technology trends, cybersecurity and how companies can take actionable steps to digitize operations and automate workflows.

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