Two New Field Service Apps Added to the SAP Store!

November 29, 2021 Lana Cook, Marketing Coordinator

We’re excited to announce that we have two new solutions available in the SAP Store!

FieldVu Smart Rentals and FieldVu Maintenance & Repair (M&R) have been specifically designed to extend SAP Business ByDesign and Business One’s existing functionality to give Industrial Field Service and Rentals companies better visibility into their assets.

Learn more about the SAP Store and these two new apps below.


The SAP Store is an online marketplace where customers from around the world can discover, try, buy, and renew solutions from SAP and their partners. You can easily search for solutions to extend your existing SAP ERP’s functionality to maximize your investment and address any complex and unique business challenges.

Solutions posted in the SAP Store have been exclusively developed by industry experts to bring fully integrated solutions to SAP customers. All offerings have passed standard readiness checks by SAP to ensure they meet compliance and compatibility criteria.

Users can browse by solution types, industries and categories, or leverage SAP’s guided search feature to be matched to the best solution for your business.

To view the full catalogue of solutions, click here.

FieldVu Smart Rentals

FieldVu Smart Rentals was designed to increase profitability for companies that rent assets or equipment and want to optimize scheduling, availability and maintenance. This solution works with SAP Business One and ByDesign, leveraging IoT to remove manual entry and provide real time visibility into the operation of all of your assets.

A few of the benefits of FieldVu Smart Rentals include:

  • Automated Processes: using IoT, FieldVu Smart Rentals can automatically dispatch, route, bill and signal for maintenance and repairs, reducing manual work for employees.
  • Flexible Billing: our billing module is fully integrated with Service Confirmation, giving companies the opportunity to offer their customers time-based billing (i.e. hours onsite) or consumption-based billing (i.e. hours of operation).
  • Maximize Utilization: with built-in preventative maintenance & repair, companies can maximize asset utilization by ensuring all assets remaining operational and revenue generating.

Click here to learn more about FieldVu Smart Rentals in the SAP Store.

FieldVu Maintenance & Repair (M&R)

FieldVu M&R was designed to make companies more proactive with their maintenance and repair programs. Easily consolidate your assets, track maintenance and repair records, and set reminders and schedules into SAP Business ByDesign & Business One.

A few benefits of FieldVu M&R include:

  • Easily Dispatch & Manage Repairs: utilizing the cloud, easily set up a service program, dispatch technicians out or manage the ongoing maintenance of your assets.
  • Work Anywhere, Even Offline: with many industrial assets located in remote locations, it’s important to have a solution that can capture service and repair notes completely offline and sync once an internet connection is reestablished.
  • Fully Integrated Across Functional Gaps: our solution leverages all of the master data from SAP Business ByDesign and Business One while sending back transaction data into billing, payroll inventory management, job costing and historical maintenance records.

Click here to learn more about FieldVu M&R in the SAP Store.

Our team at VistaVu has over 25 years of experience supporting customers across the Industrial Field Services and Rentals industries. We help companies modernize their technology infrastructure with cloud, mobile and IIoT technologies to support the most important part of your business – efficient asset management.

Reach out to our team here to learn more about these solutions and how they can help you compete and grow.

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