SAP ByDesign: Plan to Produce Process for Manufacturers [Part One]

October 31, 2018 admin_v3

Let’s take a look at going from Planning to Producing Products and the flow of this work in SAP ByDesign. ByDesign has the ability to have 13 different statistical planning models depending on your company’s needs for a specific product. Here is the first part to a two-part post, so please check back next week for SAP Business ByDesign: Plan to Produce Process Flow for Manufacturers – Part Two.


Whether you have a top down or bottom up approach to forecasting, ByDesign supports both. With the ability to look up sales history up to four years, you can easily generate your forecast. In this screenshot, you will see the ByDesign Planning Board for this sample product – Dips. In the bottom part of the screen – you will see 5 different fields that you will be using within forecasting.

  1. Actuals – this is the system generated consumption figure
  2. Final Actuals – allows you to tweak the numbers which will be used to generate the statistical forecast. These can be adjusted for missed or moved consumption between periods
  3. Statistical Forecast – system generated calculation
  4. Final Forecast – the final numbers which will be released to purchasing or planning and execution
  5. Distribution – this is a factor which can be applied to a group of similar products and the distributed down to an item level

SAP Business ByDesign Planning Board

These editable fields allow you to have those conversations about the numbers related to different products, before it is sent to the planning stage. ByDesign also has automation that can help with the regular tasks of Demand Planning like rolling, closing out periods, opening new periods etc.


Supply Planning

Once the forecast is set, it will then be sent to the planning stage. ByDesign supports full MRP processing as well as exception-based planning.

Exceptions (alerts)

You will see here the ability for the system to alert the user when a product has exceeded different thresholds; which can be set at the item level, such as alerts for minimum days or supply, or supply which will be late if not acted on. The spinach dip has different alerts depending on priority and it is showing that the 16oz product went past its start date (1), availability date (2) and inventory days of supply (3) as well as the stock shortage alert (4). These exceptions are generated in real time without the need to run MRP.

SAP Business ByDesign Supply Planning


Supply and Demand

Within your supply and demand window, those exceptions from above will flow through to this listing, making it easier to flag those products which need changes. As seen below, the shortage in projected stock is highlighted red to alert you to make the necessary changes.

SAP Business ByDesign Product Planning


Material Flow

This feature takes the multi-level bill of material and gives a full picture of all sub-assemblies and raw materials, which are needed to produce the end product. (1) As you can see below, it is showing production proposals and several purchase proposals for items used to create the end product – spinach dip. (2) This shows the Release button which allows you to release anything at an item level.

SAP Business ByDesign Material Flow


Capacity Planning

As you can see here, there is a list of work orders running on that day in that machine, in list (shown below) format and in a graph. This will allow a planner to see if there are any potential constraints on the shop floor and make an informed decision on whether to adjust production dates, move orders to a different machine, or institute overtime procedures.

SAP Business ByDesign Resource Planning


SAP Business ByDesign Resource Load

Stay tuned for our SAP Business ByDesign: Plan to Produce Process Flow for Manufacturers – Part Two, coming next week. For more information on how you can get started with SAP Business ByDesign, visit our ByDesign Page, or our contact us page to get in touch with us about choosing ByDesign as a solution for you company. 

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