Maximizing Asset Utilization with FieldVu Smart Rentals

January 25, 2022 Lana Cook, Marketing Coordinator

We recently added two new solutions to the SAP Store designed to extend SAP Business ByDesign and Business One’s existing functionality to give Industrial Field Service and Rentals companies better visibility into their assets. FieldVu Smart Rentals, leverages IoT to increase profitability by optimizing scheduling, asset availability, and maintenance for companies that generate revenue through the rental of assets.

How does FieldVu Smart Rentals work?

FieldVu Smart Rentals is an IoT-enabled cloud solution that works in conjunction with SAP Business ByDesign and Business One to automatically dispatch, route, bill, and signal when rental assets are in need of maintenance and repair. It includes a multitude of features including automated billing, preventative maintenance & repair, scheduling, and offline work orders.

Automated Billing

The billing module is integrated into SAP and captures sensors data (if applicable) or the accumulation of time from dispatch to automatically produce a Service Confirmation that can be promoted into an accounts receivable invoice.

Preventative Maintenance & Repair

The preventative maintenance & repair module maximizes assets utilization to ensure that assets remain operational, without any manual work required from your teams. Through this module, you can identify a service schedule and will be reminded of upcoming maintenance jobs. In addition, if any of your rental assets need unplanned maintenance, you will be alerted of this change and can quickly dispatch staff to get the asset back up and running.


The scheduling tool has an easy-to-use drag and drop functionality to schedule out both people and equipment for hours to months. It has been developed to minimize overbooking or double booking your resources and provides a comprehensive view of where all of your resources are at all times.

Offline Work Order

FieldVu Smart Rentals works offline in order for field workers to keep track of data when internet access is unavailable or intermittent. A single entry through the application will update the billing, payroll, inventory and job/asset costing as soon as service becomes available. The offline work order functionality can be used for a company’s own equipment as well as their customer’s equipment.

Why FieldVu Smart Rentals?

For businesses that generate revenue through the rental of assets, it’s important to have a solution that has the right functionality to reduce manual work, increase safety, and support growth. We developed FieldVu Smart Rentals to seamlessly integrate into SAP ERP to help companies profitably manage their assets with visibility from the start of a job through to billing. With this solution, rental companies can:

  • Automate processes: using IoT technology
  • Provide flexible billing: either time-based or consumption-based billing integrated into SAP Service Confirmation
  • Maximize utilization: ensure all assets remain operational to generate revenue
  • Easily schedule resources: see availability, experience, and certifications of your people to ensure proper scheduling

Our team at VistaVu has over 20 years of experience supporting customers in the Rentals industry. We help companies modernize their technology infrastructure with cloud, mobile and IIoT technologies to support the most important part of your business – efficient asset management.

Reach out to our team here to learn more about FieldVu Smart Rentals.

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