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Become a Boomi Certified Expert 

Most companies have IT teams managing various databases, legacy systems, and applications – both cloud-based and on-premises. All of these technological tools are fit for purpose and provide many benefits for the company. However, there’s a major problem – these systems can’t communicate with each other.

In order for these data sources to work more effectively and collaboratively for the company, they should be integrated, and a central integration platform is the smartest solution to look at.  Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) is the single platform that has the capability to address this integration deficit. It facilitates the collaboration of multiple data sources in hybrid environments, centralizes the monitoring, and standardizes the Integration development work. This is where Boomi shines and we’ll look at how to get resources trained and certified.

Boomi is one of the major players operating successfully in the iPaaS market. As evidenced by Gartner, Boomi is a leading player in their magic quadrant for enterprise integration. Being trailblazers in the field, Boomi has strengths in their platform as well as the supporting infrastructures like training needed to adopt the technology. The platform has capabilities for: 

  • Application/data integration 
  • API management 
  • B2B/EDI management
  • Master data management
  • Low-code workflow automation and application development

Boomi has been successful in aiding over 10,000 businesses in their bid to become commercially agile by combining various data sources and applications so that they can run smoother, faster and in a self-sufficient manner. In light of this growth they have built an extensive training network to help resources get Boomi certified. 


Boomi Training Options

Thousands of industry professionals enroll in Boomi training on a regular basis. Before you sign up for a course, it’s recommended to create a Boomi training account on their official website. The sign-up process is completely free. You have three options –

  • Developer Professional: For aspiring professionals in the field of SaaS integration, this is the starting point.
  • Architect Professional: This course is for students wanting to get a comprehensive understanding of Boomi to be able to architect solutions.
  • Administrator Professional: If you are already working as a Boomi Platform developer, using the Boomi ‘Atom’ Cloud, this is the advanced course for you to provide skills to monitor and support your platform activity.


All courses are studied online. It is helpful to have a basic understanding of one of these subjects before signing up for the basic Developer Professional course –

  • JAVA
  • Netsuite, a form of cloud-based architecture
  • A basic understanding of Oracle and SQL


By attending Boomi training sessions, you can expect to gain a clear understanding of AtomSphere. Boomi AtomSphere is an in-demand skill set in this current market. Currently there are over 10,000 global developers for AtomSphere. At BoomiWorld 2019 we learned that they need 50,000 developers in upcoming years. 

The training sessions will give you a clear understanding of the key concepts used in AtomSphere. You will:

  • Learn how to implement integration deployment and administration methods.
  • Understand how Boomi can be applied in real life to solve customer problems.
  • Create Simple Object Access Protocol-based processes. You will be able to create XML-based messaging platforms for enabling data sharing amongst computers.
  • REST-based processes (Representational State Transfer)
  • By the end of the course, you will have a clear idea on data integration, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) and EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) tools and of course iPaaS.
  • You will also learn about the most commonly used Integration Software on the market so that you are ready to prepare yourself for a life of professional data integration services. 


Boomi Certification

You earn a certification for each step you complete. To become a certified Developer Professional, you will need to complete the below levels first. Our team has added difficulty ratings on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 is easiest, 5 is toughest) to better help you understand what’s ahead.

Developer Professional:

  • Understanding the Essentials of Boomi – 2.5 Hours
  • Developer Level 1 – 12 Hours
    • Difficulty: 3
  • Developer Level 2 – 8 Hours
    • Difficulty: 3 
  • Developer Level 3 – 4 Hours
    • Difficulty: 5


Architect Professional:

  • Understanding the Essentials of Boomi – 2.5 Hours
  • Architect Level 1 – 12 Hours
    • Difficulty: 4
  • Architect Level 2 – 10 Hours
    • Difficulty: 5
  • Architect Level 3 – 12 Hours
    • Difficulty: 5


Administrator Professional:

  • Understanding the Essentials of Boomi – 2.5 Hours
  • Administrator Level 1 – 10 Hours (Administrating Production)
    • Difficulty: 3
  • Administrator Level 2 – 8 Hours (Operating Windows)
    • Difficulty: 3

At the end of each training module, you will have to pass an exam to earn the certification. Once you’re certified, you can leverage the certification in your job search to increase your chances of being hired. 


Why Boomi Training is Important

Boomi certified experts are extremely valuable because Boomi helps businesses in a lot of ways. Some of the best practices of Boomi include:

Diverse Integration – The platform has been created to back various integration and communication designs, with application to application, pub to sub, ETL integrations, real-time streaming, event-based web services, and more.

Consolidated Supervision – Irrespective of where or how many processes you deploy, Boomi Atoms have an inimitable architecture which allows consolidated supervision of all integrations via the Boomi AtomSphere platform.

Boomi Suggest – Boomi Suggest is the world’s first and only mass-sourced suggestion program for efficient data mapping. Boomi Suggest catalogues and suggests millions of map designs on an anonymous basis. Users get suggested these integrations automatically. By selecting these suggestions, users can accelerate their integration process and improve their internal efficiency.


How to get started with Dell Boomi

If your organization needs to train an internal team you can augment your Boomi team and consider teaming up with VistaVu for Boomi implementation services. VistaVu can bring to the table best practices that you don’t get in the certification training. We can recommend how to structure your Atomsphere, the best way to layout your process libraries, how to manage development vs. production routines. 

Vastly experienced in linking various ERP systems to other point solutions like Shopify, Salesforce, Concur, Workday, ADP, EDI Trading Partners, Sage, SAP ByDesign, and more. As a Global Select partner VistaVu can offer you a variety of ways to  accelerate your Integration plan from augmenting your team to managing the services for you. 


About the Author

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Tony Balasubramanian is the VP of Consulting and Growth at VistaVu Solutions. He has over 30 years of experience working with companies around the world advising them on business transformation and how to gain value from technology investments. Tony helps clients connect disconnected things to achieve success in their digital evolution.

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