Start Here: An Overview of MAS and the Benefits for Your Company

What is MAS?

Managed Application Services or MAS, is an all-encompassing services program that provides our clients access to VistaVu services for a predictable fixed amount each month.  This includes support, consulting, and technical services, as well as access to additional solutions and service offerings within our VistaVu Services Catalog.

What are the benefits of MAS?

  • MAS provides a pre-determined, predictable cost structure for companies to easily plan and forecast their year in advance.
  • We understand that your workload can fluctuate from month-to-month and we allow flexibility on when and how you use your hours. Companies can plan for specific projects and workload increases by drawing on their unused hours from past or upcoming months.
  • MAS hours also help bring additional expertise to your team as an available resource for more difficult tasks.
  • Tackle post go-live projects needed. This program can help you extend your efficiencies and automation on monthly maintenance tasks, system enhancements, new user training, report customization, and more.

Are there preferences given to MAS customers?

Yes, VistaVu recognized that this is a commitment you are making in us, and thus MAS program customers receive:

  • Reduced standard hourly rates
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Designated support resources to maintain consistency
  • Discounted pricing on additional services
  • Access to VistaVu Services Catalog

What type of work can be done with MAS hours?

MAS enables companies with the tools, resources, and knowledge to compete with larger organizations, without putting strain on their internal resources. It can be used to implement things like system-to-system integrations, technical and functional support, new user training, customizations to improve business efficiencies, and many more.

Visit the VistaVu Services Catalog that spotlights some of the ways our customers have used their MAS hours for your specific ERP product.

How do I determine what my company should be using MAS for?

At VistaVu, we suggest a yearly ERP Assessment with for our MAS program customers to identify areas for improvement and optimization. Conversations with your CSM can identify what your company’s operational goals are and suggest different work you can consider that aligns with what your company’s objectives are. We’ve helped companies prepare for being acquired, improve the efficiency of inventory management, increase the speed and accuracy of order to cash, and many other things.

 Does my company have to subscribe to a MAS Program?

No, while there are numerous advantages to subscribing to a MAS program, such as reduced hourly rates and access to an ERP Assessment, your company can still utilize all VistaVu services at our current hourly rates.

Where do I start?

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) will be in contact with you to further discuss the MAS program and based on your company’s historical usage of our services, as well as current business requirements, they will develop a MAS program that best meets your needs.

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