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5 Signs That You Need an ERP System

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5 signs that you need an ERP System 5 signs that you need an ERP System Many companies struggle when deciding whether it's the right time to invest in an ERP system. Here are 5 signs that show whether your business could greatly benefit from an ERP investment. You are struggling to consolidate information across systems Data silos result in countless hours of manual cross-checking multiple department databases and software systems, leading to reduced productivity and unhappy employees. ERP provides a single source of truth, helping improve team alignment, communication and improved reporting. If you are facing any of the above challenges, it might be time to consider investing in an ERP system. Not only will it help you make better business decisions, but it will help you grow and stay competitive. Ready to get started on your ERP project? Reach out to our team today. You are unable to gather useful data and reports As you grow, so does the amount of data you have. It's important to have efficient workflows and processes to help you extract meaningful insights and reports. ERP has useful business intelligence tools for creating real time dashboards to provide you with quick, accurate reports. You lack automation and rely heavily on manual processes Automation enables companies to streamline mundane work, resulting in increased efficiency and employee satisfaction. ERP makes it possible to automate processes from finance to operations to sales. Automated reporting, sales order creations and inventory management are a few key areas. You have inaccurate inventory management Too much inventory can result in oversupply and lost profits, while too little impacts customers experience and ties up your supply chain. ERP provides critical inventory tracking tools to ensure you know how much product you have in real time, empowering your team to be more efficient. You are unsure how your current system will support your growth plans As a growing company, it's important that your technology infrastructure can support your growth plans. If you have a business plan that indicates the need for a more robust system, it's important to conduct a thorough evaluation months before your expected go live.

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