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Ensuring that a Job in FieldVu has a well-defined location is becoming increasingly important for our customers. This means having the latitude and longitude automatically defined wherever possible. When a new Service Order is created in ByDesign, it has an address associated with it - not the latitude and longitude. Now, when that Service Order replicates into FieldVu we check to see if that address can be associated with a specific set of coordinates. If it can, we add those to the Job record within FieldVu. This can easily be seen in the main Job page, where the Latitude and Longitude fields will automatically be filled in and the associated location shown in the map view. Date: September 15th, 2021 This releases focuses on improving the resiliency of the approval process with ByDesign, automatically adding coordinates for a Job, as well as a number of performance enhancements and bug fixes. FieldVu FV 2109 Release Highlights Automatically Add Latitude/Longitude to New Jobs Page 1 of 2

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