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WHAT IS STRATOKEY EAAS? StratoKey provides organizations with a complete Encryption as a Service platform. This platform provisions a centrally managed (and organization hosted), standards compliant, Encryption, Tokenization and Anonymization service for use across an entire enterprise. These services can be called upon by the StratoKey RESTful web services API for on-demand encryption, tokenization and anonymization of content. By deploying a centrally managed encryption service, organizations have a standardized way for product groups to utilize FIPS certified encryption from within any application. This allows for reduced complexity, standards compliance, data interoperability, retaining data formats and reduced maintenance. StratoKey EaaS provides organizations with a clear way to harmonize encrypted data interoperability between applications, in a scalable and resilient manner. STRATOKEY EAAS CORE FEATURES The StratoKey EaaS platform provides RESTful APIs for Encryption (AES and Format Preserving Encryption), Tokenization and Anonymization (data de-identification). Each of these RESTful APIs has the benefit of StratoKey Data Filters. Data Filters provide organizations with a way to specify formats for encrypted/tokenized/anonymized data. An example of these data formats are email addresses, telephone numbers, dates, social security numbers etc. By being able to specify data formats, organizations can submit target data, and receive encrypted data that does not break the back-end of their target applications or services. EAAS PLATFORM FEATURES Encryption services including AES and Format Preserving Encryption Tokenization service, including token-search Anonymization service for anonymizing data whilst maintaining formats Encryption as a Service (EaaS)

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