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Optimize Your Inventory to Maximize Margins A prime concern of every distribution company is to determine when to procure stock items, and how much of each one to order. SAP Business One with Resolv Inventory Planning provides three different approaches to supply-chain management. Each company may select whichever method is most useful, or different methods may be used for different groups of items or different sectors of the business. • MRP: This is the standard Business One supply management methodology. It includes the ability to include open Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and Production Orders, as well as user-defined Forecasts to determine demand and supply over a pre-defined period of time. • Replenishment: This Resolv methodology is based on the formulas developed by Gordon Graham. It bases estimates of future demand on averages of past usage, lead times, and other factors calculated by the system. • Forecasting: This Resolv methodology is based on a set of formulas developed by Effective Inventory Management, Inc. They incorporate various trends and weighted averages along with past usage to predict demand. Forecasts are calculated by the system. The object of Resolv Inventory Planning, in all instances, is to provide a proactive approach to procuring stock items. Rather than wait until someone notices that stock is getting low, the system establishes a procedure to determine when each item should be ordered, and the quantity to order each time. Key Functional Areas • Stocking methods • Safety stock calculations • Track monthly usage history • Track lead times for purchasing or production • Track movement classes for each Item by warehouse • Order quantity methods by item • Procurement documents • Forecasting for each item by warehouse • Surplus and slow stock alerts to reduce carrying costs and dead stock • Multiple forecasting models for replenishment • Inventory replenishment reports • Historical analysis of best trends per item Item by Warehouse Inventory Features: • Monthly Usage History • Lead Time Tracking • Movement Classifications • Min/Max Restocking • Order Point/Line Point Restocking • Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) • Multiple Forecasting Formulas • Item Ranking Inventory Reports • Demand Action • Replenishment • Movement Class • Forecasting • Safety Stock • Quantity • Surplus • Unusual Usage • Min/Max Analyzer • Ranking Analyzer Inventory Planning

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