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Working with SAP Support SAP Support is available for customers who have both technical and non-technical issues. There are a number of methods to route your support item to the appropriate group. This document describes the difference between SAP Product Support, Customer Interaction Center (CIC), and how to effectively use the Business Impact Assessment in your support ticket. SAP Product Support This should be your starting point for anything that requires SAP support. For technical assistance with an SAP product specialist (not for consulting issues), you can communicate by: • Reporting an Incident (traditional) • Starting an Expert Chat • Scheduling an Expert Session Go to: SAP Support Portal - Customer Interaction Center (CIC) The central point of contact can be used for non-technical assistance as it relates to an existing support ticket. This process helps to: 1) "increase priority" on open requests 2) "speed up processing" on open requests CIC is available anytime (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year) and is available any way (phone, email, chat). Go to: Customer Interaction Center (CIC) Worldwide Telephone Directory - SAP's Business Impact Assessment Question SAP recently introduced a mandatory step in their process to further harmonize their support processes and decrease resolution times for critical issues. This step applies when clients are directly forwarding urgent incidents (Priority of High or Very High) to SAP support. Before saving your support ticket, please enter the Business Impact as shown below:

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