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Educational resources to accelerate digital transformation of Field Service operations. Topics include IIoT, mobile field ticketing, dispatch software and more. Ideal for field services & rentals companies.

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We wanted to automate as much as possible. FieldVu allows us to be able to get there and do that. It's extremely efficient. It's given us a lot of scalability and quicker turn-arounds. Alan White, Director of I.T., SEF Energy I N C R E A S E P R O F I T S W I T H I I o T A N D A U T O M A T I O N Managing a large number of equipment & assets can be a costly burden. Unnecessary down-time, a lack of visibility, and error-prone data entry put a strain on profitability. FieldVu IIoT leverages IoT sensors & data to provide complete visibility into assets while enabling enterprises to fully automate processes. That means less manual work for your staff - but more profits for your business. Collect key maintenance data using IIoT sensors. Predictive maintenance suggestions & alerts. Automated maintenance work orders. Move away from reactive maintenance to save time & money by fixing the issue - before it's an issue. Automate processes such as resource dispatch, invoicing, and Accounts Payable. "Smart" equipment is responsive to the real world. Recapture time for higher-value tasks by automating repetitive, error-prone work. FieldVu IIoT for Asset Management I N S I D E F I E L D V U I I o T PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE AUTOMATED OPERATIONS Gain Visibility With IIoT | Automate Asset Management | Improve Profitability Connected Assets for Efficient Scalability Gain Visibility Decrease asset down- time and get full transparency into usage. Automate Processes Eliminate data re-entry to speed up processes while preventing errors. Streamline Efficiency Reduce resources needed to scale operations. Get detailed data for decision making. Grow Market Share Deliver improved customer services and differentiate from competitors.

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