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Educational resources about enterprise data & application integration. Topics include data siloes, iPaaS, dell boomi partners, B2B EDI networks, supply chain automation, and more.

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Tackle Healthcare's Most Pressing Challenges The Boomi integration platform as a service (iPaaS) helps providers, payers, processors, and medical device manufacturers build connected healthcare ecosystems. It powers multi-party collaboration, modern channels of patient engagement, and data-driven insights. With built-in support for industry data standards (such as HL7), the Boomi cloud integration platform eliminates the time and costs of manual point-to-point coding. It accelerates your ability to connect data and applications across enrollment, billing, electronic health records, and EDI partner networks. With Boom iPaaS your healthcare organization can easily manage the integration of secure, reliable information across your on-premises and cloud systems, helping you deliver digital innovations that zero in on your biggest operational challenges. Innovate amid consumerization. Broaden consumer access to medical records, billing, and other services as consumers gain more control over their healthcare. Build personalized, Amazon-like engagement through online, mobile and social channels. Utilize device data for better patient outcomes. Transition to value-based care. Support the transition from fee-for-service to value-based care with secure data exchange across payers, providers and processors. Manage evidential data of healthcare outcomes within a HIPAA-compliant framework. Streamline financial reconciliation. Coordinate payments and billing for all types of healthcare organizations, including Medicare, Medicaid, private insurers, doctors, and hospitals. Heighten transparency and financial reporting with timely, reliable data. Strengthen HIE data exchange. Improve quality and cost-effectiveness of patient care with secure data sharing among multiple healthcare providers and other parties in a health information exchange (HIE). Easily support federated, centralized or hybrid models. Gain enterprise flexibility. Use data transformation to consolidate disparate information in a standardized HL7 format. Improve flexibility by integrating XML, flat file, database, and proprietary records. "Dell Boomi has helped us streamline our processes and allowed us to scale faster, which means we can onboard more customers faster" Nanette Ray Chief Performance Officer, AnesthesiaOS Industry Solution Brief Dell Boomi for Healthcare Speed healthcare innovation with cloud integration. The healthcare industry is in a state of flux. Organizations are looking to technology to reduce payment processing time and costs, strengthen compliance, and improve patient services. Whatever your goal, digital transformation begins with the intelligent integration of your IT systems, data and processes.

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